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Stalking Protection Orders

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A stalking protection order is a civil order that provides protection from stalking/cyberstalking committed by someone who is not an intimate partner or family/household member.

Basic info and definitions

arribaWhat is a stalking protection order?

A stalking protection order is a court order that aims to protect victims of stalking or cyberstalking by someone with whom you do not have an intimate or familial relationship* (such as an acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, or stranger).  If you have an intimate, family-member, or household-member relationship with the person stalking you, you may qualify for a domestic violence restraining order instead.

* VI ST T. 5 § 1471(a)

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arribaWhat is the legal definition of stalking in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Stalking is when someone purposely and repeatedly follows you and engages in a course of conduct or makes a credible threat with the intent of annoying you or placing you in reasonable fear of death or bodily harm or injury and causes you emotional distress.*

An abuser makes a "credible threat" when s/he makes an explicit or implicit threat with the intent and the apparent ability to carry out the threat, so as to cause you to reasonably fear for your personal safety or the safety of a family member.**

* VI ST T. 5 §§ 2071(a); 1472(1)
** VI ST T. 5 §§ 2071(b); 1472(2)

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arribaWhat is the legal definition of cyberstalking in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

Cyberstalking is defined as when someone communicates (or is responsible for communicating) words, images, or language to you through email or electronic communication that causes you substantial emotional distress.  The communication must be directed at you and cannot serve a legitimate purpose.*

* VI ST T. 5 §§ 1472(5); 2071(e)

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arribaWhat is a course of conduct?

A course of conduct is an act that happens more than once, however brief, within a year, that is directed specifically at you and shows a continuing purpose to cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress.  A course of conduct can include the following behavior (done directly or indirectly and by any action, method, or by any device):

  • monitoring;
  • observing;
  • pursuing;
  • threatening;
  • communicating to or about you; or
  • interfering with your property.*

* VI ST T. 5 § 1472(c)

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