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Know the Laws: Vermont

UPDATED March 29, 2017

Sexual Assault or Stalking Protective Orders

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This is a civil order that protects victims of stalking or sexual assault.

After the hearing

back to topWhat happens if the abuser violates the order?

If the abuser violates the order, you may wish to report it to the police by dialing 911 and/ or you may wish to file a contempt petition in court.  If the abuser violates a temporary or final order, s/he can be held in civil contempt and/ or prosecuted for criminal contempt.  S/he may be imprisoned, fined or both.*  Note: For criminal contempt, the maximum fine is $1,000 and the maximum prison time is 6 months.**

For other ways to stay safe, please see our Staying Safe page.

* VT ST T. 12 §§ 5134(d), 5133(j)
** VT ST T. 12 § 5138

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back to topCan the order be changed or extended?

Yes.  When your order expires, you can file a motion with the court to extend your order.  The judge can extend it for such additional time as the judge believes is necessary to protect you and/or your children.  There does not have to be another incident of stalking or sexual assault during the time you had the order to extend it.*

To change an order, you or the abuser can file a motion to modify (change) the order if there has been a substantial change in circumstance. The judge can change the order at any time.*

* VT ST T. 12 § 5133(e)

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