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Know the Laws: New York

UPDATED April 20, 2017

Workplace Protections

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Being a victim of domestic violence can affect many parts of your life, including your job. Under NY's employment discrimination law, you cannot be discriminated against by an employer due to your status as a domestic violence victim.  You may file a complaint against an employer if you feel that s/he has fired you, refused to hire you, or treated you differently than other employees based on your status as a victim of domestic violence.  Also, if you have to quit your job due to domestic violence, you may still be entitled to unemployment benefits.  The laws that protect you are explained below.

Unemployment benefits

back to topIf I need to quit my job due to domestic violence, can I get unemployment benefits?

Possibly, yes.  Although normally if a person quits his/her job, s/he would not be eligible for unemployment benefits, there is an exception for domestic violence victims.  If you are a victim of domestic violence and you believe that continued employment will put you or your family in immediate danger, you can still be eligible for unemployment benefits if you have to quit your job as long as you can provide "reasonable documentation" of the domestic violence to back up your fear.*

* NY Labor Law § 593(1)(b)(i)

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