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Know the Laws: New York

UPDATED April 20, 2017

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If you are a domestic violence victim, moving out of your apartment to a confidential location may be an important part of staying safe.  Under this housing law, if your landlord refuses to let you out of your lease, a judge who gives you an order of protection can terminate your lease without financial penalties to you.

After the lease termination

back to topIf the judge decides to terminate my lease, what are the next steps?

You must do both of the following:

  1. Pay any rent money that you owe the landlord through the date the judge terminates the lease. You would have to pay the rent when it normally becomes due.  (For example, if today is August 9th and the judge says that your lease will be terminated as of October 15th, you would likely have to pay a full month's rent on September 1st and 15 days' rent on October 1st);
  2. Turn over the apartment to the landlord or owner with no tenants or occupants (except you are NOT responsible to make sure that the abuser has moved out).  Note: If there are other tenants on the lease who want to continue living there, the judge can end your responsibility under the lease without terminating the other tenants’ rights to stay in the apartment.*
* NY Real Prop § 227-c(2)(c)

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back to topHow long after my court date will it take for my lease to be terminated?

The judge’s order will give the date that your lease will actually be terminated.  It will be between 30 days and 150 days after the next rent payment is due once the landlord is notified of the order.*

* NY Real Prop § 227-c(2)(d)

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