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UPDATED February 17, 2017

Sexual Assault / Rape

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Below you will find information about rape, statutory rape, and sexual assault as well as resources for getting help.

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back to topWhere can I find information for male victims of sexual assault?

The majority of sexual assaults are perpetrated against women, but 1 out of every 10 men is a victim of sexual assault.  People are often reluctant to view men as victims of sexual assault, so men often have a difficult time accepting their own victimization and delay seeking help and support.

All of the information on this page and other pages of this website are relevant for men as well as women.  However, because there are often particular issues that men face, you might want to view the links below which provide information specifically about male sexual assault and about the barriers male survivors often face:

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back to topWhere can I find other information about sexual assault?

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back to topWhere can I read stories from other victims who are healing from sexual assault?

There are many places that victims of sexual assault can find support, which you can find on our Chats and Message Boards page.  You can also find other organizations that support victims of sexual assault on our National Organizations - Rape/Sexual Assault page.

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