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Know the Laws: Indiana

UPDATED May 24, 2016

Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

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A workplace violence restraining order (WVRO) is an order that an employer can get due to unlawful violence or credible threats of violence against his/her employee.

After the hearing

back to topCan a WRVO be extended?

Yes.  If necessary, the employer can apply for the renewal of the final WVRO within the three months before the three-year order expires.*

* IC § 34-26-6-9

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back to topWhat happens if the abuser violates the WVRO?

If the workplace violence protective order is intentionally violated, the abuser can be found guilty of an invasion of privacy which is a Class A misdemeanor.  It may be a more serious crime, a Class D felony, if the person has a conviction for violating the order in the past.*

* IC § 35-46-1-15.1

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