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Where to Find Help

UPDATED June 5, 2008

Sheriff Departments


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Before your protection order can take effect, you must have your papers served to the abuser. Contact the clerk of the court in the district court in your county to find out where you should get your papers served. For a list of Oklahoma courts, check the Courthouse Locations page on our site.

Usually, you get your papers served at your local Sheriff Department. Listed below are telephone numbers and addresses for Sheriff Departments in Oklahoma.

For more information on how to get a protection order, check our How to Get a Restraining Order page, or contact the clerk of the court in the district court in your county.

The information below came from the www.usacops.com website.


Adair County

Sheriff's Office
600 Paul Meade Road
Stilwell, OK 74960
Phone: (918) 696-2106
Fax: (918) 696-3477

Alfalfa County

Sheriff's Office
300 S Grand
Cherokee, OK 73728
Phone: (580) 596-3269

Atoka County

Sheriff's Office
201 E Court
Atoka, OK 74525
Phone: (580) 889-2221

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