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Where to Find Help

UPDATED June 10, 2008

Courthouse Locations


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WomensLaw regrets that these resources have not been updated recently.  However, please note that the legal content on the Know the Laws section is updated annually and the rest of the website is also updated regularly.

Below is a list of courthouses where you can file for a protection order.  (If you want to file for custody, divorce, or anything else, you may want to call the courthouse to make sure that the court we have listed is the proper courthouse.)  At the courthouse, the clerk will provide you with the forms that you need to file.  If you need assistance filling out the forms, the clerk may be able to give basic instructions, but the clerk usually cannot help you decide what information to write or give you any sort of advice.  You will also find links to online forms at our WY Download Court Forms page.  For further help, you may want to reach out to a local domestic violence program or a legal services organization.  You can find links to both types of organizations on our WY Where to Find Help page.



Albany County Courthouse
525 Grand Avenue
Room 400
Laramie, WY 82070
Phone: 307-742-5747
Fax: 307-742-5610
Email: cclar@courts.state.wy.us

Big Horn

Big Horn County Courthouse - 5th Judicial District Circuit Court
420 West C Street
P.O. Box 749
Basin, WY 82410
Phone: 307-568-2367
Fax: 307-568-2554
Email: ccbas@courts.state.wy.us

Campbell County

Campbell County Courthouse
500 South Gillette Avenue
Suite 2200
Gillette, WY 82716
Phone: 307-682-2190
Email: ccgcc@courts.state.wy.us


Carbon County Courthouse
415 West Pine Street
Rawlins, WY 82301
Phone: 307-324-6655
Fax: (307) 324-9465
Email: ccraw@courts.state.wy.us

Converse County

Converse County Courthouse
107 North 5th Street
Suite 321
Douglass, WY 82633
Phone: 307-358-2196
Fax: 307-358-2501
Email: ccdgs@courts.state.wy.us

Crook County

Crook County Courthouse
309 Clevland
P.O. Box 650
Sundance, WY 82729
Phone: (307) 283-2929
Phone: Family Violence: 307-283-2415
Fax: (307) 283-1293
Email: amontgomery@courts.state.wy.us

Fremont County - Lander

Fremont County Courthouse
450 North 2nd Street
Room 230
Lander, WY 82520
Phone: 307-332-3239
Phone: Family Violence 307-332-1152
Fax: 307-332-1152
Email: cclan@courts.state.wy.us

Fremont County - Riverton

Fremont County Government Complex
818 S. Federal Blvd.
Riverton, WY 82501
Phone: 307-856-7259
Phone: Family Violence 307-856-0942
Fax: 307-857-3635
Email: ccriv@courts.state.wy.us

Goshen County

8th Judicial District Circuit Court
2125 East A Street
P. O. Box 890
Torrington, WY 82240
Phone: (307) 532-2938
Fax: 307-532-5101
Email: cctor@courts.state.wy.us

Hot springs

Hot Springs County Courthouse
417 Arapahoe Street
Thermopolis, WY 82443
Phone: 307-864-5161
Fax: 307-864-2067
Email: ccthm@courts.state.wy.us

Johnson County

Johnson County Courthouse
76 North Main Street
Buffalo, WY 82834
Phone: 307-684-5720
Fax: 307-684-7308
Email: ccbuf@courts.state.wy.us


Laramie County Complex
309 W. 20th Street - Room 2300
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Phone: 307-633-4298
Fax: 307-633-4392
Email: cccsp@courts.state.wy.us

Lincoln County - Kemmerer

Lincoln County Courthouse
925 Sage Avenue
PO BOX 949
Kemmerer, WY 83101
Phone: 307-877-4431
Email: cckem@courts.state.wy.us


7th Judicial District Circuit Court
Townsend Justice Center
115 North Center Suite 400
Casper, WY 82601
Phone: 307-235-9266
Fax: 307-235-9331
Email: cccsp@courts.state.wy.us


Niobrara County Courthouse
PO BOX 209
Lusk, WY 82225
Phone: 307-334-3845
Fax: (307) 334-3846
Email: bcraig@courts.state.wy.us

Park County

Park County Courthouse
1002 Sheridan Ave
Room 206
Cody, WY 82414
Phone: 307-527-8590
Fax: 307-527-8596
Email: cccod@courts.state.wy.us


Platte County Courthouse
800 9th Street
PO BOX 306
Wheatland, WY 82201
Phone: 307-322-3441
Fax: 307-322-1371
Email: pjthompson@courts.state.wy.us

Sheridan County

Sheridan County Courthouse
224 South Main Street, Suite B7
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: 307-674-2940
Fax: 307-674-2944
Email: ccshr@courts.state.wy.us


Sublette County Courthouse
40 S. Fremont
P.O. Box 1796
Pinedale, WY 82941
Phone: 307-367-2556
Fax: 307-367-2658
Email: ccpin@courts.state.wy.us

Sweetwater County - Green River

Sweetwater County Courthouse
177 North Center Street
PO BOX 1720
Green River, WY 82935
Phone: (307) 872-6460
Fax: (307) 872-6375
Email: ccgrn@courts.state.wy.us

Teton County

Teton County Courthouse
180 South King Street
PO BOX 2906
Jackson, WY 83001
Phone: 307-733-7713
Fax: (307) 733-8694
Email: dbaker@courts.state.wy.us

Uinta County

Unita County Courthouse
225 9th Street
Evanston, WY 82930
Phone: 307-789-2471
Email: ccevs@courts.state.wy.us

Washakie County

Washakie County Courthouse
1001 Big Horn Ave.
P.O. Box 927
Worland, WY 82401
Phone: 307-347-2702
Fax: 307-347-8459
Email: cschneider@courts.state.wy.us

Weston County

Weston County Courthouse
6 West Warwick
Newcastle, WY 82701
Phone: (307) 746-3547
Fax: (307) 746-3558
Email: callen@courts.state.wy.us

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