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UPDATED November 14, 2006

Sheriff Departments


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WomensLaw regrets that these resources have not been updated recently.  However, please note that the legal content on the Know the Laws section is updated annually and the rest of the website is also updated regularly.

Before a protection order can take effect, it must be served upon the abuser.  In most states, protection orders are served by the sheriff department.  You can contact the clerk of the court in the court that issued your order to find out the procedure for service if you are unsure. For a list of Montana courts, check the MT Courthouse Locations page on our site.  Listed below are telephone numbers and addresses for sheriff departments in Montana. You may be able to find more up-to-date listings for sheriff departments on the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association website.



Sheriff's Office
110 Wallace
Virginia City, MT 59755
Phone: (406) 843-5301


Sheriff's Office
PO Box 201
Circle, MT 59215
Phone: (406) 485-3405


Sheriff's Office
101 W Crawford
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645
Phone: (406) 547-3397
Web: http://www.sheriff.meagherco.org/


Sheriff's Office
310 River St
Superior, MT 59872
Phone: (406) 822-3555


Sheriff's Office
Crthse 200 W Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: (406) 523-4810


Sheriff's Office
820 Main St
Roundup, MT 59072
Phone: (406) 323-1402
Fax: (406) 323-2566

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