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UPDATED March 24, 2015

Sheriff Departments


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Before a protection order can take effect, it must be served upon the abuser.  In most states, protection orders are served by the sheriff department.  You can contact the clerk of the court in the court that issued your order to find out the procedure for service if you are unsure.  For a list of New Mexico courts, check the AR Courthouse Locations page on our site.  Listed below are telephone numbers and addresses for sheriff departments in New Mexico, as gathered by the Arkansas Sheriffs' Association.


Lafayette County

Lafayette County Sheriff's Office
#5 Courthouse Square
Lewisville, AR 71845
Phone: (870) 921-4252
Fax: (870) 921-4256

Lawrence County

Lawrence County Sheriff's Office
101 South Walnut Street
Imboden, AR 72434
Phone: (870) 869-1260
Fax: (870) 886-9744
Web: http://www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com/

Lee County

Lee County Sheriff's Office
15 East Chestnut Street
Marianna, AR 72360
Phone: (870) 295-7777
Fax: (870) 295-7735

Lincoln County

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
300 South Drew Street, Room B-103
Star City, AR 71667
Phone: (870) 628-4271
Fax: (870) 628-4251

Little River County

Little River County Sheriff's Office
351 North 2nd Street, Suite 2
Ashdown, AR 71822
Phone: (870) 898-5115
Fax: (870) 898-7260

Logan County

Logan County Sheriff's Office
508 West Grober Street
Paris, AR 72855
Phone: (479) 963-3271
Fax: (479) 963-2215
Web: http://loganso.com/

Lonoke County

Lonoke County Sheriff's Office
40 Dee Dee Lane
Lonoke, AR 72086
Phone: (501) 676-3001
Fax: (501) 676-3017
Web: http://lonokeso.com/

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