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Preparing for Court

UPDATED December 20, 2012

Court Forms

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Protection Order Forms
You can find the form for a Petition for Protective Relief on the North Dakota Courts website.  To learn more about how to file, please read The steps for obtaining a DV protection order on www.WomensLaw.org.  To find the courthouse in your area, go to our ND Courthouse Locations page.
Someone in a domestic violence organization in your area may be able to help you get the forms and also help you through the process. To find help in your area, go to ND State and Local Programs.

Uncontested Divorce Forms

To file an uncontested divorce, known as a simple divorce in ND, the forms are available here.  Please read the detailed instructions provided by the ND court system.  Note: The instructions say that you cannot have an attorney represent you if you use the uncontested divorce forms on the ND Courts website. This means that you cannot have a lawyer come to court for you. You do have the option, though, of getting an attorney to look over the forms once you have completed it to make sure you've filled them out properly and your interests are properly protected.